The parties to the North Atlantic Treaty, signed in Washington on April 4, 1949, considering that the forces of one party may be deployed on the territory of another contracting party after consultation; Knowing that the decision on their deployment and the conditions under which they are communicated, if these conditions are not specified in this agreement, will continue to be the subject of separate agreements between the parties concerned; to define the situation of these forces on the territory of another party; Have you agreed to be employed in Italy by anyone other than U.S. forces (this includes GS, NAF, and government-mandated positions) requires an Italian work visa and a work permit. This applies to both Italian and American companies. When a person decides to request these documents, he or she tells the Italian government that he wishes to be considered an ordinary resident of Italy. You cannot have normal and “SOFA-protected” resident status at the same time, regardless of your position here. 17 NATO SOFA was seen as a remake of the established principle of international customary law of the “flag law”. The status of the armed forces abroad, in the absence of a treaty providing for the exercise of criminal justice, was discussed by Serge Lazareff, status of the armed forces under international law 11-18 (1971). An in-depth analysis of state practice prior to World War II can be found under G. P. Barton, Foreign Armed, Forces: Immunity from Criminal Jurisdiction, 27 Brit. Y.B. Int`l L.

186 (1950); and G. P. Barton, Foreign Armed Forces: Qualified Jurisdictional Immunity, 31 Brit. Y.B. Int`l L. 341 (1954). See also D. S. Wijewardane, Criminal Jurisdiction over Visiting Forces with Special Reference to International Forces, 41 Brit. Y.B. Int`l L. 122, 141, 146, 194 (1965-66) (noting that Article VII, far from being a “radically new system,” is a coherent statement on the principles and practices already established in international law).

The view that no general rule of international law supports the immunity of foreign forces for acts taken at their official status was recently defended by Pasquale de Sena, Diritto internazionale e immunity funzionale degli organi statali 244-50 (1996). Any other contracting party whose property was damaged in the same incident also waives its claim up to the amount listed above. In the event of significant fluctuations in exchange rates between these currencies, the contracting parties agree to corresponding adjustments of these amounts. If you are sponsored by orders and you are on your service member`s orders, you will find yourself here under “SOFA Safe Status.” Therefore, you must follow the above instructions to become an ordinary resident and give up “sofa-protected” status.

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