I propose that students work on the work of mannheim students in order to obtain student housing as quickly as possible, as there is little room for international students. The Studentenwerk Mannheim offers affordable accommodation for international students. The only negative is that once your home is finished, you have to pay three months` rent within three weeks. I would also recommend that students put in place an adequate budget before going abroad and tracking their spending abroad. Academic advice: choose your courses with caution and keep your learning agreement up to date. The Erasmus programme is an EU education programme that encourages exchanges of European students. In addition to organisational facilities, the programme also offers the advantage that tuition fees abroad and apprenticeships from abroad can be easily recognised in Germany through “learning-agreements”. In addition, some foreign universities only welcome students through the Erasmus programme. My home and hospitality university helped me in my preparations for my studies abroad. First, Stellenbosch helped me get in touch with my host university. After the first interaction, I received emails about the application process from my host university.

Both universities gave me access to online portals where I could find all the relevant information about my studies abroad. The online portals were very convenient because they had step-by-step instructions on how to apply and prepare abroad. It was also very easy to download the requested documents from the two online portals. The application process required numerous documents such as apprenticeship contracts, letters of reference, cover letters, copies of advance files, passport data, housing information, etc. Entry to registered courses is not guaranteed, as each course has a predetermined limit. So I had to sign up for more courses than I was asked to do. Scholarships for a stay abroad integrated with studiesSe students with mathematics courses can participate in a dual study program in Paris. For more information, visit Ms. Cischinsky`s pages.

If you want to study at a university other than what is possible through the above programs, you can also arrange your stay yourself. It is a base of all universities in the world, which welcomes students. It should be noted that this requires early planning (about a year and a half before). I went to Mannheim for the fall semester of 2018 and came back to South Africa in January 2019. I think the biggest shock for me when I came back to South Africa was the weather when it was snowing in Mannheim and the summer sun in South Africa was shining. Another shock to my system was the kindness of the South Africans. In general, European citizens are not very friendly and they are dealing with their own business, because they are more individualistic. When I arrived at Cape Town airport, I received the smiles and greetings of so many South Africans. At that time, I was so proud of my country and so happy to be back.

When I returned to Stellenbosch, I felt more comfortable because I knew where to go, what I had to do and how to react. I felt more comfortable in my native land. That`s why I think it`s important not to be in the comfort zone. I learned a lot abroad. I had to survive in an unfamiliar environment where everything is so different from what we`re used to.

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