The agreement should cover the following broad themes. Owners must meet, discuss and agree on everyone, and then draft a contract that accurately reflects the agreed terms. Follow these steps as you develop your partnership agreement. A confidentiality agreement, also known as the NDA, protects your start-up`s confidential information. An NDA generally explains what type of information is considered confidential and describes how the information can be used or shared with others. NDAs are important to protect any type of business information that is not intended to be disclosed to the general public, including product information, financial data, and sales and marketing plans. A small business is in real danger if the partners find themselves in a dispute over the management of the business or an impasse over an important decision. For example, if the company is in urgent need of money and is arguing over whether to bring more capital or borrow a bank loan, the business could fail while discussing a solution. A well-developed partnership agreement should include a dispute resolution procedure – preferably one that avoids costly and lengthy litigation in the courts. For example, some co-founders may only want to share equity equally.

Others might want to divide them according to roles and responsibilities (which we discussed earlier!), or who provided the most money to set up the business. Perhaps you give a larger percentage to the person who ever had the idea, or to the person who encoded the first demo or who made the first stack. Here`s what you should include in a business creation agreement: While the statutes describe the relationship of shareholders with the group, a shareholder contract defines the relationship between shareholders. A shareholder contract should include buy-sell clauses that explain the relationship with a shareholder who is leaving the company. In an LLC, buy-back clauses may be included in the LLC operating agreement. If you finish the job fast, you first prepare to take the next step and encourage you to invest in the agreement of your founders – you are less likely to forget it, or give priority to other business issues. Don`t hesitate if you make one! As I said, the sooner you are able to solve these problems, the better your business will be. This may seem quite simple – because, well, it is.

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