(i) to inform the supplier in writing of any significant negative changes in the distributor`s financial situation, which compromise the distributor`s ability to make full and timely payment of invoices in accordance with the stated billing conditions. Subject to the company`s right to increase the price only once a year, in accordance with the terms and restrictions contained in the agreement, and the company`s right to reduce the price at any time after notice, the products will be sold by the Company to the distributor at the following prices and volume reduction prices. Prices are in [currency]. E. Relationship of the parties. Distributor is an independent contractor and is not considered a worker, legal representative, trader, general plenipotentiary, joint venture or partner of the company for any purpose. The distributor acknowledges that the entity has not given it the authority to make changes to the terms of sale of the business, to grant guarantees that go beyond the company`s renewed guarantees, limit its commitments or corrective measures that are below the company`s limit, limit its commitments and corrective measures, sign offers, sign commitments (express or tacit) or enter into contracts on behalf of the company in general , or to make a transaction with the customer. , government agencies or third parties. a. Commitments after the procedure has ended. In the event that this contract is terminated or expires on its own terms, the company has no other liability to the distributor, except that if the contract terminates for any reason other than that of a violation of this agreement by the distributor, the company is required to process orders accepted by the Company before the effective date of that termination or expiry or within [days] of termination. The distributor is properly credited if the distributor makes payments related to an order and later finds that it has received a higher discount above. c.

The company packs the products for shipping in accordance with the distributor`s instructions. All product deliveries for customers in the territory and all related transport and freight costs are the responsibility of the distributor. All shipments are set up by exW Company (Incoterms 2010). The distributor will check the products immediately after receiving receipt from the distributor to determine if the products contained in the shipment are defective, defective or otherwise incompatible with this Agreement. Within [days of receipt] of these products, the distributor will notify the customer of any defects, defects or non-compliance, and the customer will replace these products free of charge without delay. Ownership of the products is transferred during delivery to the distributor. 10. COMPENSATION. The distributor must defend, compensate and maintain the supplier, its shareholders, senior executives, employees, representatives, related companies, successors and beneficiaries of the assignment (together, compensation) at any time during the duration and thereafter, including reasonable legal and legal fees, which result (a) from advertising, marketing, sale, use or distribution of services or products by or on behalf of the agent; (b) any wilful negligence or misconduct of the distributor (or its employees, representatives or representatives) in fulfilling its obligations under this agreement; and (c) violation by the distributor of its insurance, guarantees or obligations.

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